The Chromatic Colour Jukebox (R.O.Y.G.B.I.V)

In 'The world has too much art—I have made too many objects—what to do?', John Baldessari dealt with questions about the relationship between colour and form, and sound and image, by suggesting we might ‘collect old 45 rpm records of pop tunes with a colour in the title. i.e., Blue Velvet, Mellow Yellow, Deep Purple, and arrange chromatically on a juke box. One can choose his own colours, composition etc.'
Baldessari's proposal formed the basis of a series of shows devised for radio, his original suggestion transformed to become 'The Chromatic Colour Jukebox - an unspecified number of tracks with a specific colour in the song title played back to back for the duration of a 2hr radio broadcast.' 
The shows were first broadcast on local community radio in Falmouth, Source 96.1 FM. Listen to the Chromatic Colour Jukebox here:

Show 1 

Show 2

Show 3

 Show 4

Show 5

Show 6

Show 7